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APPENDIX A–Time Line (First Year)
APPENDIX B-Resume of Project Director
For the past 10 years I have had a strong concern for the education condition and the women literacy in Nepal as well as poor financial condition of the poor people from Nalang Village committee. This is the area in which I was born and raised. Through my studies at the University and my practice as a teacher I have come to learn that it is possible to raise in the literacy program through well designed and meaningfully focused educational programs.

The challenge to the creation and operation of these programs, however, it exists the teaching materials to assist the parents for sending their kinds to school as well as to send the house wife to the learning centre. Secondly, it also exits the vocational training to the local people to generate their income sources along with the market analysis and research.

It suggests that the most powerful way to affect the literacy rate is through the improved understanding of the parents for sending their children to the school. This project will focus on the development of education and training to the local people. It will occur in a local community location, close to where there are lots of financial and educational drawbacks..

Further, the Project will build upon the very successful NES program as a way to involved local people and volunteers in the offering of services to the children.

Dinanath Regmi (Bharat)

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